Calculate your travel budget

You want to travel the world, but have no idea how much money you need? Where you should start? Or budget planning just isn’t your thing? No worries. We are here to help.

Planning made easy

With BreakBank your next adventure is within reach. No annoying cost research or calculation. With just a few clicks to your travel budget. Easy as pie.

Travel Expenses

Just tell us where you want to go and how long you want to travel. Based on the average cost of your dream destinations, we calculate your personal travel budget.

Travel style

Whether backpacker, flashpacker or luxury traveler - you decide which travel style is used as the basis of our calculation.

Everything at hand

In order to keep track of the costs of your world or long-term travel, we will provide you with a detailed list. You want to stay longer in a country? No problem! The duration of your trip and your travel style can be changed subsequently per country.


Under the slogan "What is the price of the world?", we want to create a community that provides real-time travel expenses through their travels and thus helps every person out there to make the trips of their life. In the future we plan a budget tracker in which you can control your travel expenses even after the creation of your travel budget.